Why Choose Artistic Dentistry for Your Dental Implants?

/Why Choose Artistic Dentistry for Your Dental Implants?
Why Choose Artistic Dentistry for Your Dental Implants? 2018-03-29T02:13:35-05:00

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Dr. Peter J. Pagano began practicing dentistry in 1975 and has never stopped advancing his skills. Always curious and never content with being unable to help a patient with a complex case, he’s continued studies in Orthopedic, Restorative Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. The breadth of his practice has evolved as he’s integrated each layer of newly acquired skill into practice. In 1999 he began offering all dental implant related procedures and is board certified in Oral Implantology. He’s earned a Fellowship and Diplomate in Oral Implantology, symbolizing the highest level of competence in implant dentistry.

Forty-three years of extensive clinical experience performing surgery, placing bridges and crowns, straightening teeth with braces, correcting jaw joint imbalances with TMJ treatment and nearly twenty years placing dental implant systems gives Dr. Pete unique insight into the art and science of successful implant placement. Combined with a forty year track record of standing by his work, Dr. Pete has earned the reputation as a trusted dental implant provider to St Louis area patients. Learn more about Dr. Pete’s background.

Portrait of Dr. Peter Pagano
Dr. Pagano at work with assistant
Dr. Pagano performing dentistry on a patient

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