Want a Movie Star Smile?

Want a Movie Star Smile?

You can transform your appearance from ordinary to extraordinary with the use of porcelain crowns (caps) and veneers. These dental procedures are called “cosmetic dentistry.” While they can transform your smile,  there’s two criteria to a successful outcome: Do your teeth look natural? and do they chew comfortably?

Often when someone has extensive work done in their mouth, it’s noticeable. Sometimes the teeth seem to be out-of-proportion to the mouth. Or, they don’t look natural. With the technology available today, there’s no reason crowns and veneers can’t look like your own teeth and not like dental work, even to the most discerning eye.

Is Your Dental Work Obvious?

An experienced dentist utilizing the latest technological advancements can give you a complete cosmetic makeover that is dazzling, and yet entirely natural looking and feels comfortable.

The hallmark of good dental work is it enhances your smile without being obvious. It’s beautiful, natural looking and natural feeling. The teeth shouldn’t look out of proportion to the mouth or be obvious dental work.

When someone has had good dental work, you’d never guess they’ve had any work at all.

The three keys to a successful cosmetic makeover:

1. Correct the Structure First. Healthy gums are pink and hug the teeth and are essential to successful placement of crowns and veneers. A patient should understand that new dental work will require great at-home hygiene habits in order to preserve their investment. Diseased gums can pull away from crowns and veneers just as they do natural teeth. Diseased gums also open the door for unhealthy bone and ligaments that surround the teeth. Another element in good structure is balanced jaw joints. An imbalance can cause uneven chewing which will cause dental work to wear prematurely.

2. Function Must Go Hand in Hand With Appearance. No matter how good porcelain crowns or veneers look, they must be able to function with the remaining teeth and not impede chewing or restrict jaw movements. Improper chewing can lead to muscle spasms, jaw joint dislocations, with mild to severe muscle pain, creating headaches, neck aches and back pain.

3. A natural look is not necessarily the whitest look. A tooth’s shade varies from the area at the gum line through the biting edge of the tooth. That’s why monochromatic tooth colors appear very unnatural.


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