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Bad Breath? Tender Gums?

I’m not a fan of spending money on drugstore mouthwash. At Artistic Dentistry we use Tooth and Gum Tonic™ during all patient visits. It costs more than drugstore mouthwash, but there’s no comparison between the two, in my opinion.

I’m Italian, so a good analogy would be to compare frozen pizza and pizza from Cicero’s in the Loop (for non St Louis readers, Cicero’s pizza is excellent!).

When it comes to my patient’s health, I get pretty picky about what I use in their mouths.

Tooth and Gum Tonic™ has all natural ingredients. This mouthwash is made of herbs and essential oils that are organically grown and contain exceptionally high quality extracts, which are alcohol-free. It is said that this product is an anti-microbial and rebuilds the infected tissues because the plant extracts have a known anti-inflammatory response to the tissues.

One study showed the Tonic to be the most effective mouthwash in controlling bad breath of all products tested. This product is definitely worth considering if you suffer from chronic halitosis, or have chronic bleeding gums due to gingivitis or after surgery or any dental work, for that matter. It’s only available in dental offices who use it. If you’re interested in taking some home, ask my staff about it. The cost is higher, but the results speak for themselves.

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  1. Natural Gumption August 27, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    We have to agree about the amazing effects of Tooth and Gums Tonic! it is great for making our breath feeling so fresh and clean. Keep up the good work!

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