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What is Orthopedic Cosmetic Dentistry?

What do we mean by “orthopedic cosmetic dentistry?” Think of your teeth and gums as the inside of a house and your jaw and head bones as the structure and foundation.

Why Your Exam Is So Critical

If you wanted to remodel your home you’d hire a general contractor. If you hired an electrician or a carpenter, their knowledge would be sufficiently limited to provide you with the desired outcome. Similarly, the scope of your dental exam is based on a practitioner’s knowledge of dentistry. Usually, a dentist doesn’t see much beyond what [...]

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Look Ma’ No Cavities!

If you’ve passed the age of forty, you really should have a mid-life diagnosis to evaluate the overall state of your oral health AND to plan a proper course of treatment that will enable you to keep your teeth ...

Why I Favor Minimally-Invasive Dentistry

I usually recommend milder treatments to alleviate conditions before resorting to treatment like extractions, surgery or root canals. For example if your tooth had a 3 surface cavity, many dentists would give you a crown and build up (a $900 procedure). I might start with a 3 surface filling to see if that alleviates your problem. [...]

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