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Letting Your Insurance Determine Your Dental Health?

No insurance completely covers the dental work most people need over the years. It was never intended to be like medical insurance. You need to view it more like supplemental coverage. Some years your dental insurance will cover what you need and other years it won’t. A healthy, natural looking smile is one of your best [...]

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Look Ma’ No Cavities!

If you’ve passed the age of forty, you really should have a mid-life diagnosis to evaluate the overall state of your oral health AND to plan a proper course of treatment that will enable you to keep your teeth ...

Sorry maam, your insurance only covers bumpers and tires

That's about what your dental insurance would cover if you were a car. If you had to have your car towed to a garage, and the mechanic discovered you needed a new alternator, belts, and a laundry list of other repairs, would you say, I'll hold off for now on the battery and belts. My insurance [...]

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