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Alive Magazine Article With Dr Peter Pagano

Artistic Dentistry: Peter J. Pagano D.D.S.

Our Specialties: Artistic Dentistry provides most dental services under one roof. With a multidisciplinary approach, we’re able to diagnose and deliver a complete treatment plan. We have offered traditional orthodontics since 1977 and clear braces since they first became available. We’ve also offered dental implant systems since 1999, which are even more popular today. Since a great many of our clientele are busy professionals, being able to get everything done under one roof is very attractive.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure Explained

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Have to Be Extracted? Not always. Dr. Pete believes that if wisdom teeth are well aligned, they can be useful for chewing and may be left in place. However, in the majority of people, they do not completely erupt and remain “impacted” in the jaw. In those cases, he'll advise a wisdom tooth extraction when he sees any of the following: 1. The width of the jaws does not allow wisdom teeth to erupt in an alignment that is beneficial for chewing.

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What Do I Eat To Enhance My Overall Health and Well Being?

One website I like to visit is This is one of the most visited websites online, with traffic surpassing even that of the American Medical Society. Set aside everything you’ve heard about low fat and low carb. If you really want to get healthy, I recommend these tips from Dr. Mercola's site: First, decide to [...]

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Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Dental Health?

1. Ignoring bleeding or swollen gums. 2. Skipping scheduled cleanings and exams. 3. Putting off getting an ache or pain in your tooth checked out. 4. Allowing impacted wisdom teeth or decayed teeth to remain. 5. Keeping old mercury fillings (these often have cracked teeth underneath). 6. Ignoring the fact that you have bad breath and [...]

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