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Dental Crowns Restore Your Smile

Like it or not we live in an age where appearance matters. Why then, walk around with a smile you're not proud of? This article explains how dental crowns can transform your appearance, take years off your look and restore lost confidence. Instead of avoiding unwanted attention from teeth that are missing, chipped or [...]

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Are White Fillings Safer Than Silver Fillings?

1. Are white fillings weaker than amalgams? Yes, however, if you take the total result—the filling plus the tooth—the composites are stronger because they bond to the tooth, making the tooth more resistant to fracture.

Should You Restore or Replace Teeth In the Back of Your Mouth?

The teeth in the back of your mouth serve a vital chewing function. If that function is compromised due to missing or broken down teeth that need to be capped or replaced, the entire chewing mechanism is compromised.

George Clooney or Simon Cowell?

Magazine covers, billboards and television barrages us with images of gorgeous women and chiseled men. Seems we just can't get away from the subject of looks. Notice that one element in common with all of these "beautiful people" is a great set of teeth. Over 2000 people were surveyed in Great Britain on the [...]

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