New Patient Cleaning, Exam & Professional Teeth Whitening Offer

//New Patient Cleaning, Exam & Professional Teeth Whitening Offer
New Patient Cleaning, Exam & Professional Teeth Whitening Offer 2021-04-29T17:00:05-05:00
Professional Teeth Whitening Before and After

This patient got her teeth whitened after a cleaning and exam.

The Safe Way to Get Your Teeth Whitened.

Whiter, Brighter Teeth Begins With a Thorough Cleaning and Checkup.


Safe and effective teeth whitening comes down to three factors:

Clean teeth;
Healthy gums; and
No cavities.

Teeth whitening without a first getting a professional cleaning is like waxing your car over a layer of grime. The result is you end up whitening the plaque and tartar (the hard yellow stuff) that’s sitting on your teeth. Also, if you’re seeing some redness and puffiness in your gums, the professional strength whitening solution can irritate the gums and hurt. The same goes for cavities, and we’ll explain that in a moment.

When You Haven’t Had A Cleaning and Checkup in Over Six Months

When its been six months or longer since you’ve been to the dentist, your first step before teeth whitening is a cleaning and checkup. The cleaning gets the “shmutz” off your teeth – that’s the coffee and wine stains, and the plaque and tartar that builds up even when you’re an avid brusher and flosser. If the plaque and tartar has crept under your gum line, you may be experiencing redness, puffiness and bleeding gums, indicating infection. This needs to be cleaned out as you definitely don’t want to expose infected gums to whitening gel. Besides being painful, it can permanently injure your gums and cause recession.

Your checkup assures that none of your teeth are showing decay. That’s a big deal because you want to make sure your teeth can withstand the effects of the whitening gel. If you whiten over decay, you can suffer from whitening gel getting inside the tooth and creating pain and injury to the nerve of the tooth. This can happen from whitening toothpaste as well.

Here at Artistic Dentistry, we want you to be happy with the outcome of your teeth whitening. We also want your whitening process to be safe. When you follow our recommended sequence of 1. Cleaning 2. Exam 3. Whitening, you know your whitening will be done right.


Regular Fee for cleaning, exam and professional whitening: $547

Cannot be used with insurance or any other offer

It’s unsafe to whiten teeth in the presence of gum infection or cavities. Therefore, if these are diagnosed in your visit, they must be treated prior to your whitening.

Coupon can be redeemed in more than one visit. This means that if treatment is necessary for safe whitening, the whitening can be done after treatment is done. We may schedule your cleaning and exam in one visit, followed by the whitening visit.

New patients only.

In rare cases, whitening is not recommended. In such a case, $100 of this offer can be used for treatment or refunded.

EXPIRATION: This offer expires December 28, 2018

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