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A 3D CT Scan offers a more precise view of the root area of the tooth to be extracted than traditional x-rays.

As a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dr. Peter J. Pagano has 40+ years of oral surgery experience. Tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth, and preparation for dental implants are the most common oral surgical procedures performed in our office. We provide a relaxed environment with caring staff and state-of-the-art facilities.

In the case of decay or a broken tooth, Dr. Pete prefers to save the natural tooth. When that clearly is not the best option, extraction of the tooth can be done and tooth replacement options can then be presented.

Extractions may be performed for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • When decay or breakage has destroyed enough tooth structure to prevent restoration; and
  • When removal of a tooth is necessary to make space for orthodontic treatment.

At Artistic Dentistry, we provide ALL tooth replacement options, from same day dental implants to bridges and crowns.

Taking the Fear Out of Dental Treatment

Over his forty years of practice, Doc has relentlessly sought techniques for reducing an even eliminating discomfort, trauma and pain for dental patients. It’s commonplace for our our patients to exclaim how surprised they are at the overall comfort of their experience.

In other words, if you’re afraid of needles or sensation of a shot, you’ll probably be surprised at how quickly and effortlessly the procedure is.

Here’s what patients say about their oral surgery with Dr. Pete:

“You will look forward to the friendly and fun entire staff and doc when you come here for your dentistry work. I for one am afraid of shots, but I hardly felt the one I got today which is a big plus for me and there was no pain during the dentistry work done. Thanks everyone for your dedication and kindness.”
Rita H.

“Before seeing Dr. Pagano having a tooth pulled was a horrible experience. But Dr. Pagano was great. He talked to me and made me very comfortable. I have never had a good experience at the dentist until now. He was great!!!”
LaTrisa J.S.

“Joey was very afraid of needles and dental equipment. On his first visit with Dr. Pagano, he was able to go by himself with the Doctor and assistant and receive injections and have a tooth pulled without me. I was so pleased. Things only improved from that point. We’ve had several appointments with both Joey and Jonathan and with each appointment they both improve. Due to Dr. Pagano’s technique with children our experience has been very positive. Both boys became more courageous.”
Elizabeth P. (Mother of Joey)

“After having 2 wisdom teeth pulled in one sitting, I’m a happy camper. Dr. Pete was fast and efficient removing the two perpetrators. Afterward there was minimal discomfort in the affected areas, little swelling and complications that could only be attributed to the work done by a skilled professional. Thank you Dr. Pete and Staff.”
Guy M.

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