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For the Athletes in the Family: Is It Time For a Mouth Guard?

Contact sports like football, hockey, boxing, and karate put athletes at risk for mouth, dental and facial injuries. Even non-contact sports like basketball, gymnastics and skating can include incidental contact that can be dangerous to teeth.

One of the easiest ways to protect teeth, face, tongue, lips and jaw is to wear a mouth guard during sports. If you or your child participates in a sport, a custom mouth guard can save on expensive dental work caused by impact.

After a tooth is traumatized, the following situations can occur:

  • No apparent damage to the tooth
  • The tooth becomes loose
  • Crown fracture
  • Root fracture
  • Tooth dislocation
  • Intrusion of the tooth (displacement of a tooth further into the bone)
  • Avulsion of the tooth (the entire tooth being knocked off)

two men competing in a greco-roman wrestling match

A custom mouth guard is made specifically to fit your mouth. When braces or bridge work are present, a mouth guard is essential to protecting your cheeks and lips from any cuts that your hardware could cause if you get hit in the face.

Are you in need of an athletic mouth guard? Please contact us to have one custom made.