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A sinus lift involves raising the sinus membrane to allow space for a bone graft to increase the bone height to accommodate a dental implant.

This is useful in instances where there is not adequate enough bone in the jaw to support dental implants.

Bone in the jaw is lost after tooth extraction. Developing new bone in that area is key to creating a volume of bone for implant stability.

During a sinus lift, the sinus tissue is moved upward, a space is made in the jaw, and then that space is filled with bone grafting material. That tissue is then closed and the material is left to develop into new, stronger, sturdier bone. This new bone works as the foundation for your dental implants.

It usually takes 4-6 months for the new bone to develop. After the area has healed, the implants can be placed in the new bone. The increased purchase tramadol discount bone volume ensures that the implants are stable and can last and function as normal, healthy teeth. In some cases, the implants can be placed at the same time as the sinus lift.

A sinus lift has a high rate of success and there is only minimal discomfort during and after the procedure. This procedure should not cause any sinus problems but actually improve them. We will prescribe medications to manage pain. After a sinus lift, the patient will be given instructions to decrease healing time.

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