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Root Canal Procedure

Contrary to what many believe, a root canal doesn’t cause pain — it alleviates pain that is only likely to worsen if the underlying problem is left untreated. In performing a root canal, inflamed or damaged tissue is removed from inside a tooth. The canals are cleaned, filled and then sealed.

After a root canal, there is no blood flow through that tooth, leaving the tooth dry and brittle and therefore vulnerable to fracture. For this reason, a dental crown is necessary after root canal therapy to protect the tooth.

In a healthy tooth, the pulp, or soft inner tissue is surrounded and protected by a layer of dentin. Above the gumline, a layer of enamel protects the dentin and below the gumline, it is covered by cementum. In some patients, a crack, deep cavity or decay damages these protective layers, leaving the pulp exposed to bacteria in your mouth. This situation can produce inflammation, infection and, given time, necrosis (cell death).

a diagram showing the anotomy of a human tooth

The anatomy of a human tooth

Some patients ask if extraction is an alternative to a root canal. While Artistic Dentistry could remove the tooth, our philosophy is that it’s always better to save your natural tooth.

Extraction, in lieu of a root canal, would leave one with unsightly spaces that cause your other teeth to shift and interfere with normal chewing and biting. Where a tooth is absent, the underlying bone begins to diminish (called “resorbption) and gum tissue shrinks. Adjacent teeth can begin to shift into the space where the missing tooth once was. There are cascading effects from just one missing tooth, so we are an advocate of saving the natural tooth. Of course, a dental implant system can replace the missing tooth, however why incur that cost if it can be avoided?

Although most root canal procedures are performed right here in our office, there are instances where we believe the patient will be best served by seeing a specialist. In such a case, we will refer you to an endodontist with whom we have an ongoing relationship who has served our other patients well.

What Our Patients Say About Their Experiences with Root Canals

I was very happy with the service and timely manner the office was able to do for me. I travel and have very little time in the United States. I was able to get my first visit, root canal and crown all in a two week time frame. Thank you very much.
James S.

When I came in with this pain in my lower tooth, they said ROOT CANAL. I’ve only heard bad stories on root canals! But once again they proved them all wrong. It went like a breeze. I now have no more fear of the words ROOT CANAL.

Shirley J.

I came in to get a filling and receive the best treatment. I got a root canal that did not hurt and was almost painless. My crown is very pretty and it did not hurt one bit. The whole staff is very kind. I will tell all my friends and family to come here.

Rhonda T.

My root canal procedure was a great success. Everyone I know that has had this procedure has told me their nightmare stories, so I anticipated that I was definitely going to go through the same hell that everyone kept telling me I was going to go through. But their experience and expertise on this procedure made my experience quite calming and relieved. I would recommend him to all my traumatized friends that had such a terrible experience somewhere else.

Jennifer A.