A Quick Guide to Our Dental Implant Process

/A Quick Guide to Our Dental Implant Process
A Quick Guide to Our Dental Implant Process 2021-04-30T10:58:09-05:00

All Procedures in One Office

We simplify the process of tooth replacement with dental implants by offering all procedures in our office. The steps are:

1.Your 15-Minute Complimentary Consultation. If new to our practice, this visit allows you to our dentist and discuss your expectations, health history and any lifestyle habits that may determine if you’re a candidate for dental implants.

2. If you decide to move ahead your next step is a New Patient Visit. In this visit, we can provide a Comprehensive Exam and a CT Scan. If you haven’t had a recent cleaning, we will have you schedule an appointment with one of our Hygienists.

3A. Replacing just one or two missing teeth. A treatment plan with fees will be presented that will include the procedures you’ll need to get your new single tooth dental implants:

  • surgical extraction of existing tooth or teeth to be replaced;
  • bone graft, if necessary;
  • implant(s), abutment(s) and crown(s).

4. Schedule Treatment.

When a case involves more than a few teeth, the following additional steps are taken before treatment is scheduled:

3B. Multiple missing teeth and/or Full Mouth Rehabilitation. Diagnostics are essential to successful case planning and outcome. If you were building a new home, you’d need to have surveys done in order to create an architectural rendering. The builder would need to find out what type of home you wanted to build. When many teeth need to be restored, we will need additional information. This is collected in a “Workup,” which is comparable to conducting surveys in our house analogy. This allows us to put together an “Ideal Smile Design” prior to moving forward, which is comparable to the architectural rendering in our house analogy. The Ideal Smile Design is based on your desired appearance and how you chew and allows us to prescribe a treatment program.

4. Treatment Presentation Consultation. The purpose of this visit is to review what your diagnostics indicate about individual teeth, how your teeth come together when you chew, your level of bone and stability of your jaw. We recommended an approach to treatment that he feels will ensure the best outcome. There may be more than one option, based on your previously expressed desires and budget limitations.

5. Schedule Treatment.

As a long-time practitioner of Orthopedic Dentistry, we plan every case for optimal chewing function and ensuring the bite comes together evenly so your new dental work can last as long as it should. All restorative and cosmetic dentistry should be built on a balanced foundation so that it lasts.

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