Puffy Bleeding Gums Are The Red Light On Your Car Dashboard

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Puffy Bleeding Gums Are The Red Light On Your Car Dashboard

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Your Gums Are Like the Lights On Your Car Dashboard

Stinky breath. Puffy, red, ugly gums and bleeding gums. Deep pockets where bacteria can crawl in and eat away at your bone. We dentists know that these are signs of the gums screaming out for deep cleaning. Truth is, they’re also indications that you don’t have enough “brush border” in your system to stay healthy. And that means you’ve most likely got other health issues.

How Not Having Enough Brush Border Can Lead to Bleeding Gums

Here’s a simplistic description of “brush border” that will probably make any medical person who is intimately familiar with this cringe, but I’m more interested in being understood than in being absolutely technically accurate.

Your brush border aids in the absorption of nutrients by increasing the surface area inside your gut wall. When this surface area is reduced from long term antibiotic therapy, suppressant medications and even stress, the brush border is compromised. The less brush border, the fewer nutrients get absorbed from your food and vitamins. That means the less healthy you’ll be and the less resistant your gums will be to periodontal disease. Having brush border is like having a big savings account. If you suffer a financial setback, you don’t hit the panic button. Brush border determines if you’re going to catch this year’s virus or be able to resist it. And, in case you haven’t guessed by now, brush border determines how quickly your gums are impacted by poor hygiene habits.

Bleeding Gums Treatment Options

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That’s why some people who are fanatical about brushing and flossing can still get periodontal disease. Others whose hygiene habits aren’t great, never seem to even get bleeding gums. Those people are in better overall health. They have good brush border and their resistance is higher.

In either case, you don’t want to ignore the signs of periodontal disease. You want to address redness and swelling right away. Your gum health contributes to your internal health and vice versa. So, pay attention to those bleeding gums. Like the red light on your car dashboard, their condition indicates your overall health.

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