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Proof Up Your Immunity With SuperFoods

To proof your system with nutrients your body can assimilate easily, mix fresh, natural organic greens in your morning beverage. Since the quality of greens ranges dramatically, I recommend a particular brand: Dr. Schultze’s Superfoods Plus. Healthy gum tissue is related to the health of your immune system, as gum disease is a bacterial infection.Dr. Schultze's SuperFood Plus

Organically grown food, herbs, and plants have 4-10 times more nutrition and healing plant chemicals (phytochemicals). Almost every herbal product sold in America uses imported, commercial-grade herbs. Foreign herbs are dirt-cheap.

Dr. Shultze, whose company makes SuperFoods, pays American organic farmers $20 or more a pound for the finest organic Habanero Cayenne peppers when they could buy them from India, Africa, Mexico or China—like all of the other companies do—for 20 CENTS a pound! You do get what you pay for when it comes to high quality healing foods. You can order these at


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