Can Your Teeth Last Longer Than You?

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Can Your Teeth Last Longer Than You?

Vincent van Gogh Head of a Skeleton with a burning cigaretteMaybe Vincent van Gogh was onto something when he created his famous “Head of a Skeleton With a Burning Cigarette.”

Or … maybe not.

Either way, the painting conjures up what archaeologists might unearth in the future (sans the burning cigarette) due to this little known secret for preventing tooth decay.

A fluoride varnish painted on the teeth hardens enamel and can prevent decay. Even if a cavity is in
its early stages, the varnish can sometimes repair the tooth. This procedure is more commonly
suggested for children, but at a measly $28 it makes sense for an adult who is prone to tooth decay. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than allowing a cavity to develop — never mind having to get a filling.

Ask for it on your next six month checkup.

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