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Reviews from new patients submitted to Artistic Dentistry.

“My experience here was fabulous and humorous.  I usually am in tears during a dental cleaning, even when given laughing gas for my sensitivity.  Without any gas I felt no pain, no irritation.  I couldn’t believe it!!  Also Dr.Pete’s assessment of my dental problems was very thorough. I thought the cleaning would be horrifically painful because I had procrastinated having one for over a year. It was actually enjoyable and my teeth feel smooth and clean! I’m a happy camper. I’m going to make Dr.Pete my permanent dentist!”
Lisabetta T. (4/14/2011)

“Everything was great – I couldn’t ask for anything better.  The entire office from staff to treatment was better than I expected.”
Penuel C. (10-13-12)

“This was the best dental visit I’ve ever experienced.  I look forward to visiting again and I have already told friends and family about this dentist office.  I also fell asleep during my deep cleaning . Who would have ever thought that would have happened?”
JoAnn M. (9/7/2011)

“I have been going twice a year for about 15 years to another office and have never had such a thorough cleaning of my teeth.  Normally I am in and out in 15 minutes.  Today I had a real cleaning of the teeth and what a difference !  I feel confident I am cared for.  I will be back ! Delilah is a real treasure. Thank you!”
Stephanie B. (6/29/2011)

“I had high expectations but I was blown away by the difference between this office and the office prior.  Thoroughly impressed with the visit.  I feel like the quality of work performed was professional and educational. Vastly better than the one before.”
Keith K. (7/12/2011)

“Everyone, especially Shelly, was very nice as soon as I walked in.  She spent a long time cleaning my teeth  (very efficient).   Thanks !  I plan on coming back.”
Tracey A. (6/20/2011)

“Experience couldn’t have been better!  My teeth are smoother than ever!  Delilah was extremely empathetic to any sensitive areas!  This was the most thorough yet comfortable experience I ever had at any dentist!
Don A. (4/28/2011)

“I had a fantastic time and all of my expectations were exceeded. I left that visit knowing more about my own dental health as well as ways to improve it between DDS visits.  My experience at Artistic Dentistry exceeded my expectations.  I was first impressed with the facility itself and the amount of technology contained within.  I was immediately greeted when I walked in and did not spend a lot of time filling out tedious paperwork.  The wait was very brief, and I was met by a knowledgeable and personable staff.  My trip to Artistic Dentistry was not only a great choice for matters concerning my personal dental hygiene but was also a learning experience.”
Eric B. (4/4/2011)

“It really has been the best experience we have had at a dentist office.  We learned more at this visit than we have learned all our lives.  Your staff and Dr.Pete were so kind , friendly manner made my boys at ease.  I think that my boys will no longer have a problem with coming to the dentist.  I’m looking forward to my visit.  The staff made us feel like we were longtime friends. I’m so glad I took the chance with the Groupon.  It was really a fun visit.  I’ve never ever said I had fun at a dentist office.”
Joyce Y. (5/5/2011)

Very thorough!  The best dental service I have ever received!!  They performed such a full spectrum of services, some I had never had before like the testing of the gums all around the mouth.  Thank you !!
Erin B. (3/9/2011)

“More than I ever expected!  Friendly staff who provided a comfortable environment.  My teeth are cleaner now than I ever imagined.  I was overjoyed with the outcome of my  teeth.  Delilah is the best!”
Meredith H. (4/5/2011)

“Shelly was very thorough and took the time to explain everything she performed.  She was warm and put me at ease.  She took great care of me and she made my stained teeth look pretty again.  I really appreciated having the health of my mouth explained in detail and being informed of each step of my check up / exam.  Best dental visit I have ever had.”
Angela B (4/6/2011)

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