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Reduce Trauma and Pain

Here at Artistic Dentistry you can truly relax and let your anxiety go. Step into the dental chair an you soon realize that with Dr. Peter Pagano and his team you’re in the hands of professionals. With over 40 years of treating patients of all ages for all procedures, “Dr. Pete,” (as his patients call him) utilizes effective natural techniques to reduce trauma and pain. Commonly heard in our office is “that was so much better than I thought it would be!

Dr. Pete does not use sedation. To achieve a positive dental experience, he employs natural and effective techniques, honed by decades of experience, to minimize pain.  So to those who are skeptical of the notion of painless dentistry, read what patients say about their experience.

I had a wonderful treatment with the good Dr. Pagano. There was no pain involved on all of the below treatments:

  1. 2 Root Canals
  2. 3 Fillings
  3. 1 Bone Graft
  4. 1 Implant
  5. 3 Crowns

Bill F.

I came in to get a filling and received the best treatment. I got a root canal that did not hurt and was almost painless. My crown is very pretty and it did not hurt one bit. The whole staff is very kind. I will tell all my friends and family to come here.
Ronda T.

I have never had a good experience at the dentist until Dr. Pete. Each time I’ve had a tooth pulled it was a horrible experience. This time, it was not. Dr. Pagano was great. He talked to me and made me very comfortable. He was great!!!
LaTrisa J.S.

Dr. Pagano and his team:
I must confess that I was dental phobic. In the past, the fear of making a trip to my dentist’s office was a mental agony and torture for me, and I still have awful memories of painful anesthetic injections that to this day make me feel tense and nervous. This anxiety has been preventing me from seeking dental care for several years. However, the recent visit to your office for my filling has completely changed my outlook, and opened up a whole new dimension and experience for me in terms of visiting a dentist. You and your assistants made an extra effort to make me feel calm and relaxed throughout the procedure. I didn’t feel a single pinch from the needle and I felt comfortable the whole time. Dr. Pagano, you used state-of-the-art technology to remove and replace my old fillings, and I am very satisfied and happy with your work. You were very professional, yet so personable, kind and thoughtful. I really appreciate everyone in the office; you all are so wonderful. Thank you very much for your great team-work; it was such a blessing for me.
Sincerely Yours,

Usually the shots they give me right before a filling hurt. I especially hate when you can feel the needle in your cheek. BUT with Dr. Pagano I didn’t feel a thing. Seriously, the way he gives shots makes sure that you don’t feel a thing, and I’m very happy about that because that’s the part that scares me the most. Now even big babies like me don’t have to fear the filling.

Thanks for taking care of this filling so quickly and painlessly. Looks good!
Mark M.

Dr. Pagano’s attention to my nervous complaints before we started shows something of his skill and patience. He listened and responded even though he knew, as I did not, that I need have no fear. Thanks for a painless and competent visit.
Andrew G.

“Painless Pete” has been my dentist for the past ten years. At age 63 I lost my first tooth. I opted for a state-of-the-art IMPLANT. “PAINLESS PETE” has made the whole experience a pleasant venture.
Larry S.