Shouldn’t Your Teeth Be This Strong?

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Shouldn’t Your Teeth Be This Strong?

Strong and Balanced. Orthopedic Dentistry can help your teeth stay strong.

Strong and Balanced.
Orthopedic Dentistry can help your teeth stay strong.

It’s strength and balance that enables this woman to hold her pose.

The muscles we eat with are some of the strongest in the body. The human bite can exert as much as 600 pounds of pressure. That’s why your teeth should be as strong as the muscles of this woman’s body. And your bite should be balanced so that equal pressure is applied to all of your teeth.

That’s what Orthopedic Dentistry is all about.

Your dental treatment should enable you to maintain balanced pressure while chewing.  

In the presence of unbalanced jaw joints, the power of your chewing can be compromised. Your bite becomes unbalanced, which is often evidenced by uneven wearing of the teeth as you age.

When the jaw joints are unbalanced, your bite may not feel stable or strong. 

Orthopedic Dentistry  Ensures Your Dental Work Doesn’t Create Imbalance.

In a perfectly constructed mouth, the teeth and jaw fit together to perform the function of chewing.  The slightest adjustment to a tooth can throw this precise functioning off-balance. Even the replacement of a filling can make your bite feel different if it’s not balanced correctly.

If just a simple filling requires such precision, imagine the skill required in placing veneers or implants while ensuring they not only look great but are completely natural in their feel and fit.

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Symptoms of Unbalanced Jaw Joints:

  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Head and/or Neck Pain
  • Uneven wearing of the teeth
  • The need for root canals on one side of the mouth
  • Facial pain with pressure in the head or sinuses;
  • A noticeable difference in your bite since getting cosmetic dental work
  • Pain behind your eyes.

See if Orthopedic Dentistry* can help.

*Orthopedic Dentistry is not a recognized specialty in dentistry. It is an approach to dental care.


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