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Though clear braces can be right for some patients or some phase of the teeth straightening process, the results some patients are looking for can only be achieved with traditional orthodontic treatment.

Our St Louis Office Offers Patients Invisalign

We place an emphasis on maintaining balance between the head, neck and jaw joints. This is especially critical when moving teeth around. The way your teeth come together when you bite needs to in balance with your jaw joints , as together they comprise your chewing mechanism.

Traditional Bands and Brackets

Traditional orthodontic straightening techniques involve bands and brackets and sometimes an appliance. This approach to moving teeth is most frequently used at Artistic Dentistry, as it is most efficient at resolving complex cases, closing gaps and aligning teeth.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Invisalign is the brand of clear braces used at Artistic Dentistry. While they work great for many people, they are yet just a single tool in the orthodontic tool box.

Other Treatment Options for Teeth Straightening in St Louis

Some people can get the desired result with just the invisalign clear braces. Other may need a combination of an appliance plus clear braces. Still others simply require bands and brackets to get the desired result

Adult “Ortho Touchup”

Many adults who had braces earlier in life have noticed their teeth shift partially back to where they once were before being straightened. An “Ortho Touchup” is a shorter course of teeth straightening with braces or Invisalign that can put the teeth back into optimal position.

About thirty percent of our orthodontic patients are adults.  Many of them always wanted to get their teeth straightened, even if their teeth were not noticeably crooked to others. With the convenience of being able to have all of their dental services in one office, adults like our patient below, decide to get the smile they always wanted with Adult Orthodontics.

Child Orthodontics

Of course, one reason families choose Artistic Dentistry is the convenience of getting all the family’s dental services under one roof. This is especially great for moms and dads with kids who need braces. They can coordinate their appointments with cleanings and checkups so that multiple family members can be seen in one office for different types of treatment. Plus, its easy to get regular cleanings as your child can have their braces taken off  by our Ortho Team and simply move into the Hygienist’s chair for a cleaning.