Have Your Teeth Shifted Position?

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Have Your Teeth Shifted Position?

Shifting Teeth Have Causes and Effects

Did you know that your teeth position are constantly subjected to forces that cause them to shift? Those forces may be due to muscle tension, biting, chewing or uneven jaw joints. The teeth will move in response to those forces. As you age, your teeth wear down and get shorter. Your jaw joints can wear down. You lose a tooth and maybe decide to not replace it. These factors create imbalances in your mouth.

When that occurs, instead of your teeth all sharing equally in the function of chewing, some are forced to work overtime to compensate for missing, broken or shorter teeth.

If you were driving your car with two bald tires and two new tires, it would create a rough ride.The analogy is comparable when it comes to your teeth. If you chew on an uneven surface a tooth can crack, resulting in more chewing force on the remaining teeth.

It’s not only for cosmetic reasons that you straighten your teeth position, get crowns or implants. These treatments improve the way your teeth mesh together. They also balance your bite. They can even enhance or even create entire body balance. You may not notice an immediate effect from imbalance and uneven chewing, but like the “perfect storm,” many health conditions are the result of long-term, non-optimum conditions that have been ignored.

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