Emergency Dentistry is a Pain – Don’t Wait ‘Till It Hurts

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Emergency Dentistry is a Pain – Don’t Wait ‘Till It Hurts

emergency-dental-painLike death and taxes, there’s no avoiding neglected dental conditions. An untreated cavity will eventually get larger and possibly become that emergency visit in the middle of your vacation or work day. If left untreated long enough, it will require a root canal and crown — all costlier in terms of time and money than the simpler treatments when the condition is just starting to get bad.

A tooth that’s had a root canal needs a crown. Some put this off but in fact the tooth is frail and cannot withstand the burden of chewing without the crown. If it cracks (it’s dried out because the nerve is gone) it will need to be extracted. That means getting a dental implant and crown or some other tooth replacement.

Then there’s replacing missing teeth. When this is neglected, the burden of chewing is shifted to remaining teeth. Just recently, a patient with missing teeth on one side of the mouth cracked a tooth holding a bridge on the opposite side of the mouth, which was overused for chewing.

The moral is: the sooner dental conditions are treated, the less time and money you’ll spend.

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