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Help Prevent Cavities

sugary beverages leach minerals from teeth

Sodas, sports drinks and sugary drinks leach minerals from the teeth.


Since cavities are preventable, we hope the information below is taken to heart. As the philosopher Cervantes once said, “every tooth in a man’s head is as valuable as a diamond.” 

So let’s get into some common causes of cavities and how you can eliminate your exposure to them.

No one wants to learn they have a cavity – especially when there’s no pain or sensitivity. Thank your dentist, though, if he/she detects a cavity before it hurts. If its’ early enough, it can be stopped with minimal cost or treatment.

It’s not until decay has worked its way through layers of your teeth and caused permanent damage that you’ll feel pain or sensitivity! By then, a filling or even a crown may be necessary.

Cavity Causing Culprits. Daily exposure to sodas, sports drinks, sugary food and drinks and alcohol eventually causes minerals to be leached from tooth enamel. Tooth enamel eventually softens due to lack of minerals. Bacteria are then able to cling to the surface of teeth and begin to eat away at inner tooth structure, creating cavities.

Let’s not omit from the list of offenders sticky vape liquids, cigarettes that dry out the mouth and some medications (like aspirin) that dry out the mouth and weaken enamel.

Stop the Pop and Limit Other Offenders. Just like assessing your dietary and exercise habits to achieve a level of wellness, step back and review how many of the offenders listed here you’re exposed to daily. Decide what can be eliminated and what can be reduced. Clearly, if sugar and acid erode teeth we advise moving these drinks and foods from the “daily” to “occasional intake” category.

Restore Healthy Saliva to Protect Teeth Against Acid Erosion — and Cavities.

“Saliva is the most important biological factor affecting the progression of dental erosion.” That’s the conclusion of a study published by the National Institute of Health in the article Saliva and Dental Erosion.

Fluoridate Your Teeth to Trigger Your Body’s Remineralization Mechanism?

For 60 years fluoride has been the gold standard for remineralizing teeth. Fluoride triggers the body’s natural ability to remineralize.* Once considered just for kids, we now know it works for adults too. We recommend fluoride treatment with your cleanings. It’s an inexpensive and effective way to protect your teeth against cavities.*

Make Sure You Have a Healthy Saliva Flow. It Protects Your Tooth Enamel.

MI Paste helsp strengthen tooth enamel and combat dry mouth

MI paste helps remineralize saliva and combat dry mouth

The NIH study also noted the importance of a healthy flow of saliva. Many medications and habits like smoking reduce saliva and lead to dry mouth. “… saliva is supersaturated with respect to tooth mineral, providing calcium, phosphate and fluoride necessary for remineralization.”

Consider adding MI Paste to your regimen, as it’s helpful in supplying much needed calcium and phosphate to saliva AND increases the quantity of saliva in patients with dry mouth. Together with fluoride, the teeth can get the minerals they need to fight cavities. You can get it in our office or on Amazon.

Our 4 Step Cavity-Prevention Strategy Summarized

1.Eliminate and reduce daily exposure to the Culprits mentioned above that are known to erode tooth enamel and/or create dry mouth.

2.Add fluoride treatment to your in-office preventive visit.

3.Use MI Paste to restore lost minerals and stimulate saliva flow if dry mouth is an issue; and

4. Get regular checkups to detect early any sign of decay.

* Institute of Health

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