Dr. Pete’s Top 5 Dental Health Trends

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Dr. Pete’s Top 5 Dental Health Trends

Trend #1. The explosion of implant dentistry will bring the costs way down.  The cost of materials that has kept fees high for dental implants will come down as more people get implants for missing teeth instead of dentures. Already at Artistic Dentistry, fees for crowns and implants are lower than they were a few years ago. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry reports, “As the Baby Boomers begin filing for Social Security,they’re replacing teeth weakened from periodontal disease with dental implants instead of bridgework and removable dentures. Further incentive is that highly precise computer-guided dental implant surgery has made the dental procedure faster, highly predicable and long-lasting with a success rate of 97 percent.” 

Trend #2: Teeth straightening will increasingly become the first step in a cosmetic makeover. It’s been a common practice to place porcelain veneers on crooked teeth. While this gives the appearance of straight teeth, it does nothing to address the health conditions caused by uneven teeth. These create uneven bite pressure which can lead to health problems, including headaches and migraines. With more dentists understanding the connection between the bite and jaw joints and head, neck and back pain, concern for health will lead to correcting the uneven bite rather than covering it up with veneers.

Trend #3: Gum Contouring will become more popular. Just like lip plumping or botox improves appearance without surgery, contouring gum lines will become popular as more dentists work with laser equipment. In addition to gum contouring which, by the way, is also great for men, lasers can disinfect diseased gum tissue. They can also cut into the teeth, making it faster and more comfortable to have fillings.

Trend #4: 3D x-rays will enable more precise dental treatment. Technology called “cone beam” takes two dimensional x-rays and makes them 3D. This allows for more precise dental treatment. For example, with a 3d picture, your dentist can see the nerve tissue surrounding impacted wisdom teeth. With implants, we’re able to determine more exactly their correct placement.

Trend #5: Teeth whitening will become part of a maintenance routine for men and women. Whitening pens like Liquid Smile will make a professional in-office whitening last longer. The cost for in office whitening is coming down, as is the cost for take-home professional whitening trays.


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