They Even Call Him Names

//They Even Call Him Names
They Even Call Him Names 2012-03-27T16:19:05-05:00

Dr. Pete is best described using the titles from patients and colleagues over the past 35 years.

“Best Cutting-Edge Dentist in St Louis,” was a title inscribed on a plaque presented by one patient upon completing treatment.

“The 2nd Opinion Dentist,” evolved from countless patients referred to Doc for a second look. Many were told they needed root canals, which Doc found not to be the case and treated with a simpler procedure. Others come for second opinions on the source of their pain, while others seek advice on correcting complications arising from cosmetic work done elsewhere.

“The Headache Dentist” Years of working with physical therapists resulted in an approach to dentistry that recognizes the relationship between dental procedures and head, neck and jaw joint balance. Hence, Dr. Pete has helped hundreds of patients eliminate head, neck and jaw pain forever.

“The Dentist’s Dentist.” Dr. Pete’s dental study clubs were legend among dentists in the Midwest and to this day, still result in dentists requesting his advice on treatment procedures.

“The Whole Body Dentist” encompasses Dr. Pete’s nutritional training with his preference for utilizing natural medicaments and supplements whenever possible.