Dr. Pete’s Approach to Your Dental Treatment

//Dr. Pete’s Approach to Your Dental Treatment
Dr. Pete’s Approach to Your Dental Treatment 2017-11-08T20:28:49-06:00
Susan's 3-tooth bridge lasted 35 years.

Susan’s 3-tooth bridge from Dr. Peter Pagano lasted 35 years. Susan takes care of her teeth – that’s a big factor in having dental work that lasts!

From Simple Procedures to Complex Makeovers

Extractions, crowns, non-metallic fillings, root canals, straightening with orthodontics, TMJ and dental implants are routine treatments here at Artistic Dentistry. Most patients require one or more of these during their lifetime. Some patients with complex dental conditions will require a combination of these procedures. Regardless of the breadth of treatment needed, Dr. Pete’s objective is to:

  • (a) restore the health of the teeth and gums;
  • (b) maintain or correct the function of the jaw joints so the bite is even; and
  • (c) create a natural-looking beautiful smile that lasts.

It Begins With a Thorough Exam and Diagnosis. When underlying dental conditions are un-diagnosed and untreated the teeth and gums can become unhealthy, unattractive and broken down. In this case, Doc’s first objective is to isolate the cause of the condition. With forty years of practice and experience in all disciplines of dentistry, he’s able to gather valuable information in the exam and quickly assess most problems.

When the correct condition is found, the appropriate treatment can be done.

Minimally-invasive treatment first. Dr. Pete’s conservative approach opts for the less invasive procedure as a first course of action. He’s found that often a simpler treatment can do the job.

The “Workup.” Patients with dental conditions that are more complex will be advised to have a “Workup”as their next step. This is Dr. Pete’s precise process of collecting diagnostic information that will allow doctor and patient to SEE in three-dimensions the FUNCTION of the bite and the condition of the teeth. It provides more information than the exam and x-rays, such as structural problems. The diagnostics provide a wider-angle view when looking at the cause of a complex dental condition and aid in devising optional treatment approaches.

Cosmetic dental work must function. Dr. Pete’s background in Orthopedic Dentistry (or “functional dentistry”) involves correcting jaw-joint imbalances that lead to dental-related problems as well as pain in the head, neck and jaw.

Cosmetic dental work and functional dentistry go together like architecture and design. If the structure of a house isn’t correct, the interior design will all be off balance as well. Great-looking dental work won’t last if it’s not in harmony with the function of chewing and the jaw position.

Conscious dentistry. Dr Pete utilizes techniques that reduce trauma and pain in treatment. Dr. Pete does not use sedation, and yet most of his patients are surprised at the minimal amount of discomfort they feel (see Patient Success).