Dr Pete on KSDK-TV for Men In Yoga

//Dr Pete on KSDK-TV for Men In Yoga
Dr Pete on KSDK-TV for Men In Yoga 2016-02-18T17:42:40-05:00
Dr. Pete was interviewed for a story on KSDK-TV did on men in yoga.

Dr Pete on KSDK-TV on Men in Yoga

St. Louis (KSDK) — Intimidated might be the best way to describe how many men feel about taking a yoga class, but more men are putting aside their fears to become more flexible.

Yoga class instructor Pam Schulte said three years ago there were no men in her class, but now she says as much as 30% of her class is made up of the opposite sex.

She said the reason it’s more popular is because it has to do with professional male athletes who realize the benefits of yoga and it’s also more accepted as a cross training option. Some athletes who practice yoga, include: Shaq, LeBron James, and Tom Brady.

Some male participants in Schulte’s yoga class said at first they were intimidated by all the women. Then they got over it, and enjoyed the benefits, which include improved flexibility and stress relief.

“I’m a dentist and I hover over patients all day,” said Pete Pagano, a yoga student. “When I leave the office, I’m sore, stiff, and tired, and I want to find a way to undo all of that and that’s yoga.”