7 Reasons Patients Choose Dr. Pete For Their Dentist

//7 Reasons Patients Choose Dr. Pete For Their Dentist
7 Reasons Patients Choose Dr. Pete For Their Dentist 2011-10-23T11:43:57-05:00

It’s hard to distinguish between one dentist and another. For that reason, we’ve identified the TOP 7 REASONS patients want Dr. Pete as their dentist – not necessarily in order of importance.

REASON #1: Dr. Pete Finds the Cause of Your Condition.

With thirty-five years’ experience treating every dental condition imaginable, Dr. Pete quickly and effortlessly identifies what is really wrong. That’s why patients have traveled as far as a thousand miles to get one of his Five Point Dental Exams. They know that by discovering the correct cause of an unwanted condition, they’ll eliminate needless time and expense.

REASON #2: You Don’t Have to Run All Over Town For Your Dental Care.

Dr. Pete has spent a king’s ransom and countless hours studying advanced dental procedures and physical therapy. His passion for dentistry is why he formed dental study clubs in St Louis to provide a forum in which dentists could share their expertise. Even “challenging” cases find their way to him and along the way, Dr. Pete has invented procedures of his own.

REASON #3: You Won’t Get Unnecessary Treatment

You won’t get a root canal when all you need is a bite adjustment. You won’t get your tooth extracted when another procedure can save it. Dr. Pete’s even been known to perform a tooth transplant to save the patient from having to get an implant and crown!

REASON #4: Fewer Appointments and Less Time In the Chair

What used to take Dr. Pete an hour in his early days of practice, now takes him twenty minutes. It’s simple: the more experienced you are at something, the better and faster you can perform. Busy professionals and moms benefit from Dr. Pete’s thirty five years performing every procedure. You’ll spend less time in the dental chair and require fewer appointments to complete your treatment. One of the most frequently uttered comments we hear is: “It’s over already?”

REASON #5: Your Crowns and Veneers Are Made By Technicians So They Integrate With Your Own Teeth

Dr. Pete uses the latest technology wherever he sees the result is better for the patient. But when it comes to natural-looking crowns and veneers, the process of working closely with a lab technician to customize your crowns and veneers so they look and feel natural just can’t be surpassed by machines alone. See, your crowns and veneers are made to order and then sculpted and colored by hand. Their fit and appearance is exactly right for your mouth and fit in with the rest of your teeth. While new equipment allows some dentists to make your crowns in a day, these are no less expensive than fully customized crowns that are put through a finishing process that customizes them fully to your mouth. If you can get a custom-fabric outfit tailored to your body or buy an outfit off the rack for the same price, what would your choice be?

REASON #6: Your Cosmetic Dental Work Doesn’t Ignore Your Structure

Consider your facial structure the foundation of your home. Veneers, crowns and straightening are like the interior decorating. If your foundation was cracking and your doorways were off-kilter, would you invest in custom finishings? If you put orthodontics, crowns and veneers in a mouth that has jaw joints out of balance, the results may look great but will never quite work right.

REASON #7: Dr. Pete Stands Behind His Work.

Since the late 1970s, when Doc began practicing dentistry, his business practice has been to stand behind his work. His father, Dr. Sam Pagano, practiced with that philosophy and Dr. Pete knows no other way to practice.

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