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This page shows a sample selection of Before/After images ranging from simple cosmetic fixes to more complex cosmetic dental restorations.

Daniel’s Complete Smile Restoration required multiple procedures, ranging from dental implants to crowns.

Complete Smile Restoration

This mature female patient broke her tooth and came in on an emergency basis. We fixed her tooth the same day and she went back to work.

Chipped Tooth Before & After

This beautiful mom wanted a “midlife update” to restore her already pretty smile.

Front Crowns Before& After

Crowns Front Teeth Before & After

Keith flew in for a Same Day Dental Implant and left that afternoon with a new smile.

Same Day Implant Front Tooth

Same Day Implant Front Tooth

This woman wanted to update her smile. The Makeover, which included crowns and veneers, took at least ten years off her appearance!

Smile Makeover Before & After

This patient, a professional in her mid 40s, also had a Midlife Smile Makeover, consisting of crowns and veneers.

Midlife Smile Makeover Before – Professional Executive in Her Mid 40s

Midlife Smile Makeover Before & After – Professional Executive in Her Mid 40s