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How Serious is a Chipped or Broken Tooth?

A chipped or broken tooth should be considered a serious injury. An injured tooth can worsen if not treated quickly, especially if bacteria enters into the inner areas of the tooth, leading to infection that can impact the entire body.

Treatment will depend on the extent of the damage. We may be able to simply fill a chipped tooth back in, like he did for the patient below

A chipped, damaged, or broken tooth is not just a cosmetic issue. When a damaged tooth is not functioning properly, it can cause problems with the surrounding order klonopin no rx teeth and gums. A damaged tooth can result in lifestyle problems, mouth and jaw pain, trouble eating, problems with smiling and self-esteem, infection and illness, and tooth loss.

If you are waiting to see the dentist for a damaged tooth, try to keep the area clean with warm water. Apply gauze and ice packs.

Restoring a Chipped or Broken Tooth

At Artistic Dentistry, we have many options for restoring a damaged tooth. Treatment can be as simple as filling the tooth back in, as we did for the patient whose photos are on this page. Options could include porcelain veneers, dental crowns and bridges, root canal therapy, fillings, or surgical extraction and placement of a dental implant. As all options are available in our office, it will depend on the condition of the tooth, the bone, and the teeth surrounding the tooth.

As will all services, we will discuss your options so you can choose the treatment you’re most comfortable with.

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