TMJ / Orthopedic Dentistry

/TMJ / Orthopedic Dentistry

What is Orthopedic Cosmetic Dentistry?

"Orthopedic Cosmetic Dentistry" is not a recognized specialty. Rather, it is a term we use in our office to describe the sequence in which your cosmetic dental work is done which results in a dazzling smile that sits in a structurally sound foundation. Think of your teeth and gums as the inside of a house and [...]

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Should You Restore or Replace Teeth In the Back of Your Mouth?

The teeth in the back of your mouth serve a vital chewing function. If that function is compromised due to missing or broken down teeth that need to be capped or replaced, the entire chewing mechanism is compromised.

Do You Have Symptoms of Imbalance?

In a perfectly constructed mouth, the teeth and jaw fit together to perform the function of chewing.