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Dental Implants and 3D Imaging in Dentistry

CT scan technology is state-of-the-art imaging in dentistry, allowing your dentist more precise treatment planning in dental implants. One benefit is the ability to see a patient's level of bone density. The success of dental implants depends on the quality of the bone into which they are placed. The dental CT Scan reveals if a bone graft is needed.

Why a Missing Back Tooth Matters ….

Missing back teeth are common because the molars are the first adult teeth to erupt and unfortunately, often the first to be lost due to decay or fracture. And, as this post hopes to convey, the impact of a missing back tooth on your smile is equally as important in the long run as a front tooth.

Anti-Aging Dentistry Defined

If you’re over the age of forty and have considered cosmetic dental work, you’ll want to know some of the principles behind Anti-Aging Dentistry, also known as Midlife Dentistry. This is a protocol I developed after thirty plus years of experience and training on the best ways to ensure that cosmetic dental work lasts, does not interfere with natural chewing function, or create a structural imbalance leading to pain.

The Top 3 Questions About Dental Implants

Top 3 questions about dental implants answered here. Did you know that 90% of all dental implants replace just a single tooth? In order for bone to have a purpose, they need to be holding in teeth. That's why dental implants are so effective at holding the jaw structure in place ....

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The Secret to Saving Thousands on Implants, Veneers and Crowns

Are All Crowns, Implants and Veneers the Same? There IS a secret to getting your cosmetic work done for less. And it's simple. It's getting it done right the first time. Even high quality crowns, veneers and dental implants can fail in your mouth. They can feel unnatural and make it uncomfortable to chew. Done incorrectly, [...]

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