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Summer Smile Brightening

Save 30% Limited Time Offer Expires: August 30 2017 Limited Appointments Available - Call Now to Secure Yours! Take-Home Custom Whitening Kit Includes: Custom-Fitted Whitening Trays 3 Syringes of Professional Strength Whitening Gel $108 (Customary Fee: $155) *Current Patients Only Checkup and exam must fall within previous six months

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Get to Know Jaw Joints

"You're as young as your spine," the yogis tell us. A supple spine allows us to perform the daily tasks of living with grace and ease - not to mention avoid the pain that comes with an inflexible spine. Balanced jaw joints could be considered as vital to dental health as a spine is to overall health.

Dental Implants and 3D Imaging in Dentistry

The three dimensional image allows your dentist to see your bone density. Why is that important? The success of dental implants depends on the quality of the bone into which they are placed. The dental CT Scan will reveal if you will need a bone graft.