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Eliminate or Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cavities

Habits like drinking sodas and others listed above remove minerals from the saliva, so saliva is unable to do its job to restore lost minerals to the teeth. “Saliva is the most important biological factor affecting the progression of dental erosion,” according to a new study published by the National Institute of Health.

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Vaping: What’s It Doing to Your Teeth and Gums?

New findings show that using e-cigs - called "vaping" - isn't healthier than smoking. Dental professionals are seeing the effects on patients' teeth and gums. Following are the key ingredients in e-cigs and how they affect teeth and gum health.

How Your Jaw Joints Affect Your Teeth

"You're as young as your spine," the yogis tell us. A supple spine allows us to perform the daily tasks of living with grace and ease - not to mention avoid the pain that comes with an inflexible spine. Balanced jaw joints could be considered as vital to dental health as a spine is to overall health.