Are You Living a 100 Year Lifestyle?

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Are You Living a 100 Year Lifestyle?

George Burns, the world’s most famous centenarian, once joked that if he knew he was going to live to 100, he would have taken better care of himself.

Centenarians are one of the fastest-growing age groups in the industrialized world. Anyone today who’s 40 has a good chance of living until 100. But, according to Dr. Eric Plasker of The 100 Year Lifestyle, some people don’t want to live that long due to concerns that they won’t be in good health, or will be broke or both.

Someone once said that tomorrow is made up of small decisions you make today. For example, someone under fifty who has been relying on social security to live on when they retire may not have set aside any savings. They may have spent their money on vacations or electronic equipment like tvs and stereos instead of creating a nest egg. A similar false security on dental insurance might have someone making decisions to postpone dental work because their insurance has annual limits. In either case, the reliance on someone else to determine what you should do today in order to secure your tomorrow might be a leap of faith.

Even if you’ve under-planned your financial or dental future, it’s almost never to late to remedy the situation. For example, Beth Thames, a tax manager in Atlanta, calculated that if a 50 year old started with nothing saved and set aside $500 a month until the age of 75, at 7% interest, she’d accumulate a nest egg over $400,000.

Similarly, many of my patients over 40 are aware of the discrepancy between insurance coverage and the true amount of dental work needed to preserve their teeth. Since they want to have their teeth in their senior years, they are restoring and preserving them. Others are enhancing their smiles with crowns, veneers, straightening, and whitening.

100 year lifestyle planning involves making decisions that ensure you have the quality of life you want in your later years.

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