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Smile Generously

Smile Generously

At Artistic Dentistry, we simplify your life
by offering all dental services under one roof.

Creating healthy, balanced, aesthetic smiles that endure.

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Restorative, Cosmetic, Orthopedic Dentistry.
Board-Certified Dental Implant Dentist.

For over 40 years, patients and their families have turned to Dr. Peter J. Pagano to maintain healthy smiles with dentistry that lasts like it should.

Trust. Expertise. Experience. Dr. Peter J. Pagano began practicing dentistry in 1975 and has never stopped advancing his skills. Always curious to solve complex dental conditions and driven to expand his skill set, he advanced his training over four decades to include Orthopedic, Restorative Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry procedures.

In 1999 he began offering all dental implant related procedures and as an ICOI board certified Oral Implantologist, he’s earned a Fellowship and Diplomate in Oral Implantology, symbolizing the highest level of competence in implant dentistry.

Photo of Dr. Peter Pagano

Not content to to simply acquire theory, Dr. Pete has integrated each newly acquired skill into practice. Today, his scope of treatment has evolved to include increasingly more complex cases. Forty-three years of extensive clinical experience performing surgery, placing bridges and crowns, straightening teeth with braces, correcting jaw joint imbalances with TMJ treatment and nearly twenty years placing dental implant systems gives Dr. Pete unique insight into the art and science of successful smile restoration. Combined with a forty year track record of standing by his work, Dr. Pete has earned the reputation as a trusted dental implant provider to St Louis area patients.

Dr. Pete’s passion for dentistry derives from the joy of helping patients’ lives change when their smiles change. Today’s advancements in dental techniques and technology, combined with the skill and expertise that comes with decades of practice and training, enable him to help patients with complex cases.

Whether our patient’s dental need is to simply maintain healthy teeth and gums – or restore a broken, aged or neglected dental condition – the patient’s well-being is the first priority.

Along with the science of dentistry, Dr. Pete brings the eye of an artist to his work. As a minor in Art in college, he continues to hone his skills with weekly art classes. In 2016 he studied in Oregon under the late Libby Berry, a world-renowned Master Artist, to learn the techniques of Leonardo da Vinci. To Dr. Pete, dentistry is a crossroads “where science meets art.”

Where Science Meets Art

Artistic Dentistry offers the unusual distinction of integrating Cosmetic, Orthopedic and Restorative Dentistry to create balanced, healthy, beautiful smiles that last.

Your Smile Shouldn’t Hold You Back from Living.

Teeth Are Necessary for Chewing, Smiling, Speaking.

Healthy Teeth and Gums Contribute to Overall Good Health.

Later in Life, Smiles Often Require Rehabilitation.

All procedures needed to rehabilitate a smile are integrated into a customized treatment plan that makes sense for the patient and delivers the desired outcome.

For over forty years, Dr. Peter J. Pagano has immersed himself in acquiring an ever-increasing repertoire of advanced dental skills in order to meet the needs of his patients.

Orthopedic Dentistry

Orthopedic Dentistry, a field of study and approach to dental care that Dr. Pagano has utilized for decades, ensures your teeth come together evenly when chewing. An imbalance in the chewing mechanism is often the cause of dental problems, such as premature wearing of teeth, cracked or broken teeth, and even head, neck and back pain. Orthopedic Dentistry corrects the imbalance and also ensures that your dentistry doesn’t create an imbalance. Read More.

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry techniques and procedures overlap. Cosmetic often refers to the appearance of a smile, encompassing the shape and shade of teeth and the aesthetic of the gum line. Restorative Dentistry encompasses the procedures to restore the tooth. Read More.

Creating Smiles and Changing Lives with Integrative Dentistry

“Integrative Dentistry™” describes the selective use of all the procedures encompassed in making a smile that’s aesthetic, balanced and functions like your teeth should.

“Chewing is the primary role of dentistry,” says Dr. Pete and restoring or maintaining the ability to chew for a lifetime is as important as how the smile looks.

This before and after gallery is a sampling of the countless patients for whom Dr. Pete has had the honor of working with to restore the appearance and function of their smiles. These cases involved utilizing a range of General, Orthopedic, Restorative and Cosmetic techniques including:

  • Teeth straightening with Orthodontics;
  • Oral Surgery/extractions;
  • Placement of Dental Implant Systems including bone grafting, membrane placement, and sinus lift;
  • Buildup and Crowns,
  • Porcelain Veneers;
  • Gum surgery;
  • Deep Gum Cleaning;
  • and a customized denture.
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 1
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 2
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 3
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 4
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 5
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 6
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 7
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 8
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 9
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 10
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 11
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 12
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 13
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 14
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 15
Artistic Dentistry patient before and after images of teeth 16


We partner with our patients and their families to help them create and maintain healthy aesthetic smiles that function like they should.

Photo of DebraPhoto of Debra

“Getting all the procedures I needed for my dental
implants at Artistic Dentistry saved so much time.
My implants look and feel so natural, I sometimes
forget which teeth they are!”

— Debra J.

Photo of JeremyPhoto of Jeremy

“I was in a car accident and with the damage done
to the nerve in my tooth, it had to be extracted.
Dr Pete explained the different tooth replacement
options he could do for me. The implant appealed
to me the most because it’s the more permanent
option. Dr. Pete extracted the original tooth, placed
the membrane, implant and the crown. It feels like
my own tooth. I highly recommend it.”

— JS

Photo of MeganPhoto of Megan

"Thanks for making me feel beautiful
on my wedding day!"

— Megan

Before and after photos of DanielBefore and after photos of Daniel

“It was super easy. I felt
comfortable from the first
day I sat down with Dr. Pete
in the one-on-one session."

— Daniel

Photo of SusanPhoto of Susan

“I WISH THERE HAD BEEN IMPLANTS BACK IN 1978. I’d cracked a tooth in college and
had a bridge put in by another dentist. It needed to be replaced and that’s when I got
my three tooth bridge from Dr. Pete. The bridge he did lasted 35 years. They usually
don’t last that long. It was a great bridge but it needed to be replaced.

Dr. Pete offered me the choice: I could replace my bridge or get an implant. He keeps up
with technology so he’s able to present all options. I’m grateful to have good teeth and I
take care of them. My smile is something worth hanging onto. I chose the implant. I was
able to have all the procedures in Dr Pete’s office. That was two years ago. I’m really happy
with the implant. It’s so easy to clean and it feels more like a part of my mouth than the
bridge did. When I bite down it feels like a real tooth – not a thing suspended between two
other teeth, which is how a bridge feels. The implant doesn’t feel cosmetic. The implant
tooth engages with the other teeth. It just feels more natural than the bridge. It’s connected
to me. It feels secure. The whole process was simple. That’s how Dr. Pete does dentistry.
I’m very pleased with all the care and follow-up I have received from Dr. Pete and his staff…
for over 37 years.”

— Susan S.

Photo of KeithPhoto of Keith

Keith flew into St Louis to have his
front tooth removed and replaced
with a dental implant and temporary
crown. By early afternoon, he was
on his way back home!

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