What is Orthopedic Dentistry

Do You Have Symptoms of Imbalance?

  • Headaches or migraines.
  • Neck aches.
  • Facial pain with increased pressure in your head and sinuses.
  • You wake up with headaches or develop them by midday.
  • You have pain behind your eyes for no apparent reason.
  • You have sounds in your ears, but your doctor can’t find anything wrong.
  • You notice your smile is getting crooked as teeth wear down unevenly.
  • You’ve had an increase in root canals, especially on one side of your mouth.
  • You have neck and low back pain that creates stiffness and inability to perform tasks.
  • Your bite isn’t the same since getting cosmetic dental work.
  • You have head pain since your orthodontics.

Correct the problem and these symptoms go away. That’s done by balancing your head, neck, and jaw before doing cosmetic dental work. That’s what orthopedic dentistry is all about.

Orthopedic Dentistry Also Ensures Your Cosmetic Enhancements Don’t Create an Imbalance.

Orthopedic Dentistry is Like a Balanced BridgeIn a perfectly constructed mouth, the teeth and jaw fit together to perform the function of chewing. The slightest adjustment to a tooth can throw this precise functioning off-balance. Even the replacement of a filling can make your bite feel different if it’s not balanced correctly and if not adjusted, can cause your jaw joints to move out of place.

If just a simple filling requires such precision, imagine the skill required in placing veneers or implants while ensuring they not only look great but are completely natural in their feel and fit.

Like a perfectly balanced bridge constructed to withstand the elements of weather and carry immense weight, your teeth and jaw are designed with a similar precision. The ability to work with the precision of an engineer and the talent of a master artisan ensures your dental outcome is both sound and beautiful.  That is why you need orthopedic dentistry!

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