Teeth Straightening Using Invisalign in St Louis

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Though clear braces can be right for some patients or some phase of the teeth straightening process, the results some patients are looking for can only be achieved with traditional orthodontic treatment. Dr Pagano has been straightening teeth for over thirty years.

Dr. Pagano has been straightening teeth for over thirty years. If you’ve read other content on this site, you know that Dr Pete places an emphasis on maintaining balance between the head, neck and jaw joints. This is especially critical when moving teeth around, as you don’t want orthodontics to trigger headaches up the road.

Using Invisalign Clear Braces for Teeth Straightening

Invisalign is the brand of clear braces used at Artistic Dentistry. While they work great for many people, they are yet just a single tool in the orthodontic tool box.

Other Treatment Options for Teeth Straightening in St Louis

Some people can get the desired result with just the invisalign clear braces. Other may need a combination of an appliance plus clear braces. Still others simply require bands and brackets to get the desired result

To gain a better understanding of the importance of keeping your jaw joints in balance, you can read about orthopedic dentistry or download Dr Pete’s free ebook on this site.

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