Do You Treat Your Dental Care Like Car Maintenance?


Cars Break Down When Maintenance is Neglected

Cars Break Down When Maintenance is Neglected.
Teeth Do Also.

“Necessity never made a good bargain,” said Ben Franklin, and as we’ve all experienced, the most costly time to invest in anything is when it’s desperately needed.

Some people consider regular car maintenance optional. The ignored oil changes, or persistent light on the dashboard eventually results in a breakdown by the side of the road. 

Similarly, teeth and gums need to be maintained. Without it, problems aren’t caught early and they certainly don’t get better on their own.

And, like the car that’s driven without upkeep, any time or cost savings in skipped dental maintenance is usually swallowed up by costs that could have been avoided. 

Once a dental condition begins to deteriorate, you face a crossroads: do you want to keep your teeth for your natural life or lose them? If you catch up on your dental work before it’s too late, you can sidestep many procedures that “older” people wind up getting.

Even simple fillings get bigger over time and, in some cases, lead to infection and the need for root canal therapy. It’s just not a good idea to neglect needed dental treatment. 

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Original sketches by artist Suzanne Conway.



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