All-Inclusive Dental Implants


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If you have lost or missing teeth, consider an All-Inclusive Dental Implant System.

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A dental implant consists of a system of parts. Precise placement into a jaw that has sufficient bone ensure your implant will last.

Creve Coeur All-Inclusive Dental Implants

Dr. Peter J. Pagano has been offering all dental implant services under one roof since 1999.  That means no more running around town for different procedures to get your dental implant! With advanced training in all procedures, we offer tooth extraction, bone grafts, sinus lifts, dental implant placement, and your beautiful, custom made porcelain crown. Using state-of-the-art technology, including 3D CT Scan imaging, your dental implant treatment is custom-designed for your mouth so that your implant will stand the test of time.

What Patients Say About Their Experience with All-Inclusive Dental Implants

Deb has two single tooth dental implants

Deb has two single tooth dental implants

Debra J. says:

“Getting all the procedures I needed for my dental implants at Artistic Dentistry saved so much time.
My implants look and feel so natural, I sometimes forget which teeth they are!”


Jeremy has one dental implant

Jeremy has one dental implant

From J.S:

“I was in a car accident and with the damage done to the nerve in my tooth, it had to be extracted. Dr Pete explained the different tooth replacement options he could do for me. The implant appealed to me the most because it’s the more permanent option. Dr. Pete extracted the original tooth, placed the membrane, implant and the crown. It feels like my own tooth. I highly recommend it.”


Keith (pictured below) flew into St Louis in the morning and left that afternoon with his immediate implant and temporary crown.

Same Day Implant Front Tooth

Same Day Implant Front Tooth


More patients:

“Painless Dr. Pete” has been my dentist for the past ten years. At age 63 I lost my first tooth. I opted for a state-of-the-art IMPLANT. “PAINLESS PETE” has made the whole experience a pleasant venture.
Larry S.

Today was a happy day for me. My implant work has been completed. Dr. Pete and his assistants worked very hard and long to get my implants just right. Peter explained to me how important it is to floss and brush and keep everything clean. Even thought I am not a very good flosser, I am trying real hard to do a good job because I know how important it is. Now that this has been completed, my mouth feels really good and comfortable. I am very pleased with all the work devoted to me. Also I looking forward now to eating on both sides of my mouth and enjoying all my favorite foods. Thank you Dr. Pete!
Ruth A.

My dental implant surgery was a total success. Doctor Pagano & his staff were marvelous in handling my procedure which was complicated by an allergic reaction to a medication prescribed by a different doctor. Dr. Pagano rushed into his office on a Sunday afternoon and stopped bleeding that had occurred. His service has always been exemplary.
Tony B.

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