Dental Bone Graft Procedure

A dental bone graft procedure preserves or restores bone for dental implants when the bone has become damaged or there is not enough bone or space to support an implant. A dental bone graft procedure is a routine, proven, effective, and relatively-simple surgical procedure with a high success rate.

This procedure improves the patient’s bone volume for a more sturdy implant. This allows for more efficient chewing, increased longevity of teeth, and a more natural smile.

The bone that supports teeth can be damaged due to periodontal disease, trauma, denture pressure, improper dental development, and missing teeth. Dental bone graft procedures restore this bone and create a foundation for dental implants.

Patients are usually able to function normally the day after a dental bone graft procedure is finished, go to work, and go on with daily activities. Medication may be prescribed for soreness and prevention of infection.

After the procedure, another appointment with Dr. Pagano is scheduled to check on the condition of the bone graft and to assess the healing process.

Recovery from a dental bone graft procedure is usually uneventful; however, smoking, diabetes, dentures, and autoimmune disorders can slow down the healing process. Patients should discuss these issues with the doctor before the procedure.

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