Comprehensive Oral Exam

The road to long lasting dental health begins with a comprehensive dental exam. At Artistic Dentistry, we’re accustomed to new patients exclaiming “That’s the Most Thorough Exam I’ve Ever Had!

Dr. Pete’s 5 Part Oral Exam just may be the the most thorough exam you’ve ever had as well. It consists of:

  1. Dental Exam
  2. A Periodontal Exam to See the Current Condition of Your Gums and Check for Signs of Gum Disease
  3. Oral Cancer Screening
  4. TMJ Evaluation (Jaw Joints)
  5. Orthodontic Screening

The condition of your teeth and gums is a gauge of the level of systemic inflammation present in your body. Systemic inflammation is the precursor to all disease. That’s why it’s so important to your overall health to make Oral Exams a routine part of your health care.

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