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Look Ma’ No Cavities!

Look Ma! No Cavities!

For Boomers who grew up with this famous toothpaste advertisement, I have a news flash: At your age, it’s no longer just about cavities!

If you’ve passed the age of forty, you really should have a mid-life diagnosis to evaluate the overall state of your oral health AND to plan a proper course of treatment that will enable you to keep your teeth for the remainder of your lifetime.

Patients over forty have often shortchanged their dental health or just barely maintained their teeth and gums. With the expense of family taking precedence through the previous two decades, Boomer-aged patients coming to me for the first time are often prepared to play catch-up with their own dental health.

Today you can plan a course of treatment that will ensure you’ve got your own teeth to chew with well into your senior years. In addition, nothing is more youthful than a natural-looking white smile. Unlike your parents, if you take care now you can have both.

Keeping Free From Cavities Is Old Time Common Sense

Look Ma' No Cavities!

Back in 1958 when this ad first came out, it was a lot simpler to stay healthy; food was more natural, people ate more fruits and vegetables and meats weren’t pumped up with chemicals. The environment was less toxic and couch potatos were unheard of.
Despite advances in science and technology, staying free from cavities and getting regular dental checkups still form the basis of good health. Just like this ad depicts. That’s probably why it was recently named one of the Top 100
Most Memorable Taglines.

If you do nothing else, keep your gums free of disease and your teeth free of cavities. Dr. Pete says: “There’s just no good argument for waiting to fill cavities. The earlier you get them filled, the more painless and less costly it is.”
Today’s nonmetallic white filling material is more attractive than the silver fillings of fifty years ago. It eliminates any risks connected with putting metal into your mouth. Dr Pete’s been using this material for over twenty years.
Did You Know the Best Time to Treat a Cavity Is When Its Not Hurting? Here’s why:

  1. Waiting until a cavity hurts can lead to more extensive work
  2. One of the best ways to prevent a root canal is to fill a cavity when it’s small
  3. Cavities usually don’t hurt until they grow and affect nerves or cause fracture
  4. Bad breath is one sign of tooth decay
  5. Pain when consuming sweet, hot or cold foods or drinks indicates tooth decay
  6. A cavity doesn’t get better on its own
  7. The most economical time to do fillings is when they’re small.