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Restless Jaw Syndrome? You’ve probably heard of “restless leg syndrome," symptoms usually affecting women. The legs feel extremely uncomfortable while sitting or lying down. Well .. if you grind your teeth at night.. Read More...

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Can your teeth last longer than you

Maybe Vincent van Gogh was onto something when he created his famous “Head of a Skeleton With a Burning Cigarette.”


Or … maybe not...


Either way, the painting conjures up what archaeologists might unearth in the future (sans the burning cigarette) due to this little known secret for preventing tooth decay.  Read More...

Dental Implants

dental implants st louis


Are Same Day Implants For Everyone?.....for about 80% of the patients who come into my St Louis office, dental implants can’t be done in a day. One reason is that bone erosion often accompanies a missing tooth. For proper placement of the implant there has to be ... Read More...

Dental Technology

st Louis dentist uses latest dental technology


3D x-rays will enable more precise dental treatment. Technology called “cone beam” takes two dimensional x-rays and makes them 3D. This allows your dentist to provide more precise dental treatment. For example, with a 3d picture, your St Louis dentist can see the nerve tissue surrounding impacted wisdom teeth. This allows for a better surgery. With implants, we’re able to determine more exactly their correct placement. Read More...

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8 Steps to Prevent Cavities ......
Alive Magazine Article With Dr Peter Pagano

Alive Magazine Article With Dr Peter Pagano

Artistic Dentistry: Peter J. Pagano D.D.S. Our Specialties: Artistic Dentistry provides most dental services under one roof. With a multidisciplinary approach, we’re able to diagnose and deliver a complete treatment plan. We have offered traditional orthodontics since 1977 and clear braces since they first became available. We’ve also offered dental implant systems since 1999, which are even more popular today. Since a great many of our clientele are busy professionals, being able to get everything done under one roof is very attractive.[...]

5 Dangers of Sugar List that Will Shock You

5 Dangers of Sugar List that Will Shock You

SEE SPECIAL OFFER BELOW GOOD THRU jULY 15, 2014 If parting you from your sugar fix is like taking candy from a baby (why do they say that’s easy? Have you ever TRIED taking candy from a baby? It’s hard!), then maybe it’s not just a harmless little “treat.” Consider the following 5 Dangers of [...]

Are Your Teeth Shrinking From Stress?

Are Your Teeth Shrinking From Stress?

Daytime clenching and nighttime grinding will erode the height of your teeth over time. Most patients we see are not even aware of these habits. Typically, the grinding and clenching is caused by stress. This article has some great tips to help relieve stress, however the first step is becoming aware of the habit[...]

Want a Movie Star Smile? Cosmetic Makeover

Want a Movie Star Smile? Cosmetic Makeover

You can transform your appearance from ordinary to extraordinary with the use of porcelain crowns (caps) and veneers. These dental procedures are called "cosmetic dentistry."[...]